Board of Health

Whitman County Board of Health

The Board of Whitman County Commissioners serve as the Whitman County Board of Health in accordance with the public health and safety chapter RCW 70.46.060. The Board of Health has broad legal authority and the responsibility to protect the community's health and to enforce local, state and federal laws and regulations. By selecting and overseeing leadership, working with staff to set policy and priorities, approving the annual operating budget, and enacting health policies through local public health regulations, the Board establishes the overall direction of the Public Health Department. The Board of Health exercises final authority over all matters pertaining to the preservation of the life and health of the people within Whitman County.

Current Members - Whitman County Commissioners

     Elected Positions                                                     

Commissioner Handy – Chair                        

Commissioner Swannack             

Commissioner Largent                                     


Appointed Positions

Craig VanTine, Community Stakeholder

Kara Bates, Public Health, Health Care Facilities and Providers

OPEN POSITION, Consumer of Public Health


Board Responsibilities

  • Enforcement of state public health statutes and the rules of the state Board of Health and Secretary of Health
  • Supervision of health and sanitary measures for the provision of public health
  • Enacting local rules and regulations to preserve, promote and improve public health and provide enforcement as necessary
  • Control and prevent any dangerous, contagious or infectious disease within the county
  • Prevention, control and abatement of nuisance detrimental to public health
  • Secure financial support needed to maintain foundation public health services
  • Establish fee schedules for issuing permits or other such services
  • Appointment of Public Health Officer (RCW 70.05.070)