VEBA-Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association

What is VEBA? 

A Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association account that allows employers to contribute money to a trust on behalf of their employees. VEBA funds can be use to help pay for current or future eligible medical expenses.

If you are new to VEBA

Your participant account will be established after you have been enrolled and have received a contribution from Whitman County. VEBA will then send you a welcome packet, which will include your participant account number, claims-eligibility date (if you are claims-eligible), investment allocation, a Plan Summary, and online registration instructions.

VEBA reference\education links:

VEBA Enrollment

VEBA enrollment forms must be completed and returned to Human Resources. Questions: call 509-397-6205

VEBA and your Dependents

If you will be using your VEBA to pay for eligible medical expenses for any of your dependents, you must complete the HRA/VEBA Attestation form and return it to Human Resources.