Donation Breakdown


Currently the Palouse Trail Committee is accepting donations for facility improvements, interpretive sites/amenities and landscaping (plantings).

  1. Donors of $100 to $2,499 will be recognized for their donation within a registry. The intent is to maintain a hard copy of the registry at Whitman County and the cities of Moscow and Pullman. In the future, the registry may be maintained online.
  2. Donors of $2500 to $4,999 will be recognized on site and within the donor registry. A plaque will be located within one interpretive site along the trail (affixed to a sign structure). More than one donation at this level will be accepted for each site. Donors will be recognized side by side on one plaque.
  3. Donors of $5,000 or more will receive recognition within the donor registry and exclusive recognition on a plaque (affixed to a sign structure) within one interpretive site along the trail.
  4. Landscaping and Planting: please refer to Bill Chipman Palouse Trail Memorial Tree and Recognition Program.

As of the end of 2006 the Palouse Trail Committee had received donations for many of the interpretive sites. Remaining sites include:

  • Jerkwater Junction
  • Palouse Roundhouse/White Pine Whisker Track