Civil Service Job Postings

Application Process

All applicants must complete a Whitman County employment application. Resumes and cover letters may be attached, but applicant must include a signed and dated application for each position. 

Complete applications must be received at the Whitman County Human Resources on or before the position’s closing date. Applications may be accepted via email Jobs or fax if received no later than the closing date of the position.

Not Accepted

Whitman County does not accept applications for positions or eligibility lists that are not currently open. Open positions may be found on this website; inside the Whitman County Courthouse or by calling 509-397-6205.

Position Closure

Once a position has been filled, Human Resources will issue all applicants a letter notifying them of the position’s closure.


If you include additional material with your application make sure that you add appropriate postage. Postage due envelopes will be returned unopened and will not be date stamped until received with the correct amount of postage.


Whitman County Civil Service Application