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HIV/AIDS Awareness

Whitman County Health Department offers the Following HIV-related Services:

Anonymous HIV counseling and testing:

Fees are based on income using a sliding scale. Please call ahead to make an appointment Colfax: (509)397-6280 or Pullman (509)332-6752.

Free Condoms:

Free condoms are available at both of the health department offices and at local bars and taverns.

HIV Education:

Whitman County Health Department has both a 4 and 7 hour state-approved HIV education video which is available for people to check out. Please call if you need to watch either of these videos Colfax: (509)397-6280 or Pullman (509)332-6752.

Public health nurses also provide HIV education for grades five through 12 at all county schools outside of Pullman.


HIV Case Management:

  Spokane AIDS Network
905 S Monroe
Spokane, WA 99204

ph: (509)455-8993


Needle Exchange:


Whitman County Needle Exchange Program:

Call the Whitman County Public Health offices to schedule a needle exchange today

Colfax: (509) 397-6280     Pullman: (509) 332-6752

Monday- Friday 8:00a-5:00p


For additional information, please contact with the Whitman County HIV/AIDS coordinator.



Whitman County Health Department
Public Service Building

N. 310 Main Street

Colfax, WA  99111


ph: (509)397-6280


or click here to email the coordinator

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