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  West Nile Virus Monitoring


What's being done in Whitman County?

To monitor for West Nile virus, state and local health departments throughout Washington are trapping mosquitoes to identify species.


This allows the Public Health Department to identify mosquito species found within the county, and to focus surveillance on areas that are known to contain breeding sites for mosquito species that have been identified as potential carries of the virus.


Collect dead birds (Corvids and Raptors) for laboratory testing. Crows, Ravens, Jays, Magpies, Owls & Hawks have all been collected within Whitman County.

Distribute information on West Nile virus and things everyone can do to reduce or control mosquito populations.                 

View the Microsoft PowerPoint demonstration on West Nile Virus and what is

being done to monitor and protect Whitman County.

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Mosquito surveillance is an essential component of a comprehensive mosquito-borne disease prevention and control program. The objective of the mosquito surveillance is to determine the species composition, geographic distribution and abundance of potential vectors of mosquito -borne pathogens within each county.  This is done by collecting and identifying larval and adult mosquitoes.



Area residents are encouraged to contact Whitman County Public Health and apply for placement of

the mosquito catching traps on their property. 


Residents are encouraged to apply if:

Live near a hospital or daycare center

Live in an area where there has recently been a large number of dead birds seen

Live near a large number of horses

Have a large amount of standing water on their property


Residents who do not meet these considerations are still encouraged to apply.

 Mosquito Trap Application

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The downloadable Mosquito Trap Application is available in the Adobe PDF format. An Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer to open PDFs.

 Click the icon to download and install the Reader for free.

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