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Solid Waste and Illegal Dumping


Solid Waste & Illegal Dumping



Solid Waste Regulations

WAC 173-350-010   The purpose of this reduction and recycling rule is to protect public health, to prevent land, air, and water pollution, and conserve the state's natural, economic, and energy resources by:

(1) Setting minimum functional performance standards for the proper handling and disposal of solid  

     waste originating from residences, commercial, agricultural and industrial operations and other


(2) Identifying those functions necessary to assure effective solid waste handling programs at both  

     the state and local level;

(3) Following the priorities for the management of solid waste as set by the legislature in chapter

     70.95 RCW, Solid waste management -- Reduction and recycling.

(4) Describing the responsibility of persons, municipalities, regional agencies, state and local

     government related to solid waste;

(5) Requiring solid waste handling facilities to be located, designed, constructed, operated and

     closed in accordance with this chapter;

(6) Promoting regulatory consistency by establishing statewide minimum standards for solid waste  

     handling; and

(7) Encouraging the development and operation of waste recycling facilities and activities needed to

      accomplish the management priority of waste recycling.

Whitman County Solid Waste Transfer Station


Pullman, WA  99163


Open: 8 am -5pm Monday through Saturday

Closed: Sundays and Holidays


(509) 334-2400


Burn Barrels


Adobe PDF iconA downloadable version of the burn barrel restrictions is available in Adobe PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer to open PDFs. Click the icon at the left to download and install the Reader for free.



Outdoor Burning Regulations

WAC 173-425-010   The purpose of this rule is to establish a program to implement the limited burning policy authorized by the Washington Clean Air Act and other provisions of the act that pertain to outdoor burning (except any outdoor burning listed in WAC 173-425-020).

The limited burning policy requires ecology and other agencies to:
     (1) Reduce outdoor burning to the greatest extent practical, especially by prohibiting it in certain circumstances
     (2) Establish a permit program for limited burning, one that requires permits for most types of outdoor burning
     (3) Foster and encourage development of reasonable alternatives to burning.


A graphic of the earth coughing up a cloud of smoke.

If you see someone you think is burning illegally or if you are being impacted by smoke; call The Washington State Department of Ecology's toll free line for complaints and comments at:




For more information on outdoor burning, visit the Washington State Department of Ecology's website.


Alternatives to Dumping or Burning

* Composting                                                                            

* Recycling                                     

* Hazardous Wastes                       



This section is currently under construction.  Please check back for information on the newest alternatives to burning and dumping!


Solid Waste & Recycling Division

N. 310 Main Street

Public Service Building

Colfax, WA 99111-1848

Phone: (509) 397-6206    Fax: (509) 397-6210


Landfill: (509) 334-2400



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