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Job Descriptions/Job Family

Each position has a job description. Each position is placed in a job family. Job families are groups of positions with similar purpose/essential functions. Job families are used to determine salary ranges. The complete listing of Whitman County job families by number can be viewed by clicking here.


Classification System

Whitman County's Classification System applies to most County employees. It is based on salary information from a pre-determined group of cities and counties called 'the market.' Position salary range placement could periodically occur as determined by the Board of County Commissioners. The system has  salary 'ranges' with 10 'steps' on each salary range. The salary range denotes a range of monthly salaries that are awarded to employees whose jobs are designated at that range. Each step represents a specific amount of pay. Employees advance through each step by successfully passing a performance evaluation after specific service time requirements.


A normal hiring rate for a person entering Whitman County service is Step 1. An employee may change ranges through promotion to another job within the County, a re-evaluation of the position due to job responsibility changes, or an approved market adjustment.


To view the database of classifications and ranges, click here.


To view the desired salary schedule, please click on the employee group.

2016 Salary Schedule for Courthouse Bargaining Unit Employees.

2017 Salary Schedule for Non-Represented Employees, (for employees hired or with internal employment changes after 1/1/2013).

2016 Salary Schedule for Road Bargaining Unit Employees.

2016 Salary Schedule for Solid Waste Bargaining Unit Employees.

2016 Salary Schedule for Corrections Officers and Support Staff Represented Employees.

2016 Salary Schedule for Deputy Sheriff's Association Employees.



Employees are paid twice per month.


Direct Deposit

Employees may elect to have direct deposit for their paychecks. Submit a signed direct deposit authorization and voided check to Human Resources. Human Resources must receive this completed form before the 12th of the present month to be in effect on the 10th of the following month's payroll. Human Resources must receive this completed form before the 27th of the present month to be in effect on the 25th payroll of the following month's payroll. A voided check must be attached. If you do not have checks for your account we require a document from your bank with the routing number and account number verified by a bank official. If a voided check or bank document is not attached we cannot ensure that your deposit will process.


Public Records Requests

Contact Kelli Campbell in Human Resources if you have a request for public records.

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