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Road Bridge Maintenance Division

310 N. Main Street
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: (509) 397-6206
Fax: (509) 397-6210

Brandon Kruger, Operations Manager - Phone: 397-6206
Jeff Stehr, District 1 Superintendent - Phone: 285-4301
Dave Bohara, District 1 Oakesdale Foreman - Phone: 285-4301
Andrew Kuhle, District 2 Superintendent - Phone: 332-2328
Jimmy Bennett, District 3 Superintendent - Phone: 549-3357
Mike Vorderbrueggen, District 3 Colfax Foreman - Phone: 397-4733
Bob Sevedge, Bridge Supervisor - Phone: 397-2489
Randy Farr, Sign Supervisor - Phone: 397-3615

This division of Public Works is responsible for all County owned road and bridge maintenance within the County. The road maintenance activity for 2000+ miles of roads includes snow/ice control, stormwater control and road surfacing maintenance and preservation. There are also approximately 300 bridges inspected, maintained and occasionally replaced. Included in this division are the light duty and heavy equipment fleet shops, and road sign shop. This department manages the Equipment Rental and Revolving fund for the purchase and maintenance of heavy equipment, vehicles and supplies. Staff also manage the Public Works weed suppression program on County right-of-way, gravel pits and other County property.

Departmental Responsibilities
● Maintenance & Repair of Roadways
● Maintenance & Repair of Bridges
● Maintenance & Repair of Culverts
● Maintenance & Repair of Storm Drainage
● Maintenance & Repair of Snow Removal
● Maintenance & Repair of Roadway Signs

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