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400 N. Main Street

Colfax, 99111

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WSU Extension

310 N. Main Street, Rm 209
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: (509) 397-6290

Janet Schmidt, County Director and Extension Educator, Phone: 397-6290
Stephen VanVleet, Extension Educator - Agriculture and Natural Resources, Phone: 397-6290
Kelly Stewart, Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach and 4-H/Ag Program Coordinator
Cathrine Wigen, Office Manager

Washington State University Extension engages people, organizations and communities to advance economic well-being and quality of life by connecting them to the knowledge base of the university and by fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research.

Departmental Responsibilities
● Diabetes Prevention Program
● Agriculture & Natural Resources (agronomy, livestock, conservation systems)
● GPS and GIS; Support and Mapping
● Rangeland Managemnt
● Pesticide Licensing; Information & Usage
● Whitman County 4H Youth Development program
● Whitman County Chapter - WSU Master Gardeners (home horticulture information)
● Community Resource Development (group facilitation; conflict resolution)
● Family Living & Food Safety
● Farm Management / Economics
● Assist in University agricultural research
● Pest Management
● Liaison between University specialists and community

WSU Extension Whitman County
Palouse Development , Whitman County

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